ASHRAE British Columbia

ASHRAE British Columbia
Wednesday, Feb 12th, 2020
Italian Cultural CentreASHRAE BC is proud to welcome ASHRAE Past Society President and Distinguished Lecturer, Sheila Hayter, to our February Meeting. Sheila will introduce us to technical opportunities, means, and methods for incorporating renewable energy (RE) technologies into building designs and operations. She will give an overview of RE resources and available technologies used successfully in the USA to offset building electrical and thermal energy loads. Methods for applying these technologies in buildings and the role of building energy efficiency in successful RE projects will be addressed. She will discuss issues related to connecting RE systems to existing electrical grids and offer tips for implementing successful RE projects. Finally, she will summarize ASHRAE activities related to and/or in support of RE applications in buildings. Sheila Hayter is an ASHRAE Fellow and Distinguished Lecturer, and works as a group manager at the Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden Colorado. She also is the recipient of Distinguished and Exceptional Service Awards. Her ASHRAE roots run deep. Her father, Richard Hayter, served as ASHRAE president from 1995-1996.
Vancouver, BC
ASHRAE BC Chapter February 2020 Meeting
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